Dave Holcomb


Since June of 2012, Holcomb has launched five new podcasts featuring three different sports. Monday Morning Huddle reached significant popularity during season one running from June 11, 2012 to February 4, 2013. The season features 33 episodes and had about 4,000 listens during the season. During reruns, season one accumulated over 1,500 more listens. Season Two has 33episodes and has doubled in popularity with over 11,000 listens.

The Shoot Around began in October at the beginning of the 2012-2013 NBA season. A new episode came out about every two weeks during the season with co-host Joe Manganiello. Episodes were posted on PickinSplinters.com.

During Holcomb's time as radio announcer with the Syracuse Jr. Chiefs, he concieved the idea with Joe Manganiello for a new podcast called Bow and Arrow. Holcomb and Manganiello produced and co-hosted the show's three episodes.

Holcomb launched a new podcast entitled "Around the Diamond" covering the MLB the first week of May. New episodes came out every week, sometimes twice a week, during the 2013 baseball season and appeared on PickinSplinters.com

Around the All-Star Break, Holcomb and his friend Tyler Sipala then started a new podcast "The Bronx Banter" featuring stories just on the New York Yankees. The show centers around the fact, Sipala is a long-time Yankee fan, and Holcomb is just a general baseball fan living in the New York market. New episodes were available every Wednesday on PickinSplinters.com

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